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Zildjian K0881 14" K Mini China Cymbal

Zildjian K0881 14" K Mini China Cymbal

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Small, Dark, and Articulate China Cymbal
Smaller than a typical China and with a noticeably shorter decay, the K Zildjian 14" Mini China cymbal is a great way to get that blooming gong-like sound with more pronounced punctuation. When we got to check out this addition to the K Zildjian series, the drummers here at Sweetwater were impressed by the depth and richness of its tone. It's a bit darker than you might expect, yet it's complex enough to not get lost in the mix. And although the K Zildjian 14" Mini China is extremely thin, it projects beautifully.

K Zildjian 14" Mini China Cymbal Features:
Small China cymbal with dark tone and a short sustain
Smaller-than-typical size brings down the sustain for a balanced sound
Thin weight and plenty of projection provide expressive articulation
Deep and lush tone with complex harmonics stands out in the mix
A fun addition to any kind of drum or percussion setup

Get dark and articulate China cymbal sound with a K Zildjian 14" Mini China!
Tech Specs
Type: Mini China
Size: 14"
Weight: Thin
Finish: Traditional
Pitch: Low to mid
Sound: Dark
Sustain: Short
Volume: Project
Bell Size: Small
Balance: Blend
Manufacturer Part Number: K0881


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