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Xavix Tennis Game Model# PT1-TNS1


Xavix Tennis Game Model# PT1-TNS1

$ 38.99

XaviXTennis Racket: Ace your competition with the XaviXTennis Racket. Wireless swing recognition lets you smash your serve, volley at the baseline, charge the net or lob the ball and send your opponent running.
XaviXSystem Cartridge The XaviXTennis Cartridge easily loads into your XaviXPORT to start your Tennis action.
Lifelike Tennis Action Serve, volley, and play like a pro with wireless XaviXTechnology. Lifelike graphics and stereo sound put you on center court.
Select your Players Choose from 20 different tennis opponents. Select your favorite player with varying skill sets, playing styles and power settings.
Multiple Court Styles Play on grass, clay, or hard court by choosing one of the 4 different tennis courts; Player vs. Player Play by yourself or doubles with a friend. Choose from one of two different game modes: Tournament and Exhibition


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