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Wineguard HD7082P HD Outdoor TV Antenna

Wineguard HD7082P HD Outdoor TV Antenna

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The HD7082P is built to the high quality standards of the Platinum series, with double boom braces and zinc plated steel hardware. This antenna is especially strong for hard to get lo-band VHF signals. Includes weather proof cartirdge house for download module with 75 Ohm coaxial connection.

 75 Ohm Output

Digital Ready

VHF Elements: 18

UHF Elements: 32

75 Ohm coupler included

1 dB to 2 dB higher than PROSTAR antennas

VHF reception range is approximately 60 miles

UHF reception range is approximately 45 miles

Box size: 89¾ x 6½ x 6½

Steel hardware is zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance; flexible polyethylene boot covers protect connections from the weather, with High-impact ABS girder design and support insulators

Boom Length: 110.5 in.

Width: 110 in.

Height: 19.3 in.

Turning Radius: 70.6 in.

Includes hardware for mounting to a mast; antenna has a 75 ohm coax connection

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