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Test Leads

Test Leads

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Plastic test prod handles, 4” long, 3/8” diameter, with prods 1” long. Red and Black. Equipped with 48” kinkless plastic-covered leads .135” O.D. Available with either insulated banana plugs or phone tips at other end, to fit standard American jacks. The most useful test leads yet devised. Use them in the conventional manner or adapt them to individual requirements. • Tiny, sturdy, push-to -clip prods can be firmly attached to hard-to-reach components in chassis-whether large or small terminals. Clip-onto-component feature enables you to test parts for long periods without actually handling the test leads. Hands are free for other work. • Each prod is connected with solderless, kinkless wire terminating in an insulated banana plug. • A removable, nickel-plated phone tip (supplied) fits over the banana plug allowing the individual the option of using meters with either banana or phone tip jacks. • Overall lead length is 36 inches. ALL-PURPOSE TEST LEAD SET Two 42” flexible, vinyl-covered test leads, heavily insulated to prevent high voltage breakdown and cut-through. 80 -strand copper conductors eliminate wire fatigue and assure long life. Equipped with adaptor accessories most often used by servicemen, this kit can perform virtually every test requirement. Each lead is attached to a 4-3/4” probe (1-red, 1-black). Banana plugs on each end have nickel-plated phosphor bronze springs to maintain rigid contact through many thousands of insertions. Heavy plated BRASS Adaptors-Color-coded Spade Lugs*-large enough for lab. instruments (up to 1/4” dia. center post). Test prod phone tips(0.180” dia.) Strong spring action alligator clips. NP phone tips.-not insulated. Each insulated adaptor completely covers banana plugs to eliminate accidental contact, avoiding shorts. DELUXE UNIVERSAL SOLDERLESS TEST LEAD SET No. SA15 T

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