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RadioShack Analog/Digital A/V Signal Converter Cat#150-1242

RadioShack Analog/Digital A/V Signal Converter Cat#150-1242

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Your RadioShack Analog/Baseband to Digital/S-Video Converter converts 
analog audio signal from the audio equipment to digital Toslink or PCM 
(Pulse Code Modulation) signal.  It also converts a standard baseband 
signal from your VCR to an S-Video signal for hookup to the S-Video jack 
on your TV or A/V receiver, or vise versa.

Its features include:

    Phono Jacks - lets you connect audio cable with phone plugs to convert
                  analog signal to digital signal or PCM signal.

   Toslink Jack - lets you connect Toslink digital optical cable to
                  provide interference-free and distortion-free signal

     S-VHS Jack - transmits the best picture for your video.

SYNC REC OFF/ON - turns on to transmit signal to MD (Mini Disc) recorder
                  for synchro-recording; turn off to stop.
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