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Radio Shack 230-0412 Racing Battery Pack DC Charger

Radio Shack 230-0412 Racing Battery Pack DC Charger

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Charges Nickel Cadium Batteries Only!

Racing Battery Pack DC Charger
(230-0412)                 Features                  

Your RadioShack Racing Battery Pack DC Charger is perfect for charging
radio-controlled racing cars' battery packs when you are on the go.  It
connects directly to your vehicle's battery terminals and can fully charge
4.8V, 6V, 7.2V and 9.6V nickel-cadmium battery packs in as little as 15
minutes! (High-capacity 7.2V, 1700 mAh and 9.6V, 900 mAh battery packs
require more time to fully charge.)

Your charger also includes these features:

DC Reverse-Polarity - blows the charger's fuse to prevent damage to the
   Input Protection   charger, the battery pack, and your vehicle's
                      electrical system if you accidentally connect the
                      DC power cord clamps to the wrong battery terminals.

 Charging Indicator - lights when the battery pack is charging and
                      automatically turns off when charging is finished.

       Start Button - makes battery-pack charging simple.

 Digit Peak Voltage - ensures complete charging.

       Safety Guard - prevents overcharging that can damage the
   Protection Timer   battery pack.

     Thermal Sensor - stops charging automatically if the battery becomes
                      too hot.


  Charge only one battery pack at a time.

  Be sure that the battery pack is rated at 4.8, 6, 7.2, or 9.6 volts.

  Avoid charging fully-charged battery packs.  Doing so can damage the
  battery pack or cause it to lose some of its storage capacity.

  Charge battery packs only at room temperature (65-80 degrees F).
  Charging a battery pack in a hot area can permanently reduce the
  battery pack's power capacity.

  Do not expose the charger to rain or excessive moisture.

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