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Truth Be Told by Blues Traveler (CD, Aug-2003, Sanctuary (USA))

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Truth Be Told by Blues Traveler (CD, Aug-2003, Sanctuary (USA))

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This long-running blues-pop combo has weathered plenty of trouble over the years -- the death of bassist Bobby Sheehan and frontman John Popper's frequent health problems, for starters -- but they've never allowed anything to derail their groove train. This disc, perhaps their least jam-oriented to date, is particularly breezy, even in its less-than-sunny moments. Darkness peeks from the corners of songs such as the jazzy, introspective "My Blessed Pain," but it never saturates the proceedings. That's due in part to Popper's fleet harmonica work, but also to his trilling delivery, which suggests a slightly more earthbound Cat Stevens (most notably on "Thinnest of Air"). The band are at their best when jamming is kept to a minimum -- the spry "Let Her and Let Go" is as catchy as their breakthrough hit, "Runaround" -- and the concise arrangements displayed here indicate that they've finally taken that to heart. So while Truth Be Told is punctuated by a smattering of overdone pieces, such as the l

Unable to Get Free
Eventually (I'll Come Around)
Sweet and Broken
My Blessed Pain
Let Her and Let Go
Thinnest of Air
Can't See Why
Stumble and Fall
This Ache
Mount Normal
The One
Partner in Crime

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