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RadioShack Two-Way Personal Radio Cat# 210-1821


RadioShack Two-Way Personal Radio Cat# 210-1821

$ 29.99

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Item location:Point Pleasant Beach,NJ,United States
Shipping to:United States ONLY
Excludes:Alaska/Hawaii,US Protectorates,AFO/FPO, PO Box
Your Two-Way Personal Radio has the following features:
  14 Channel Selection
  Clear Communications Up to a Mile
  Retractable antenna
  Power Indicator
  Automatic Squelch
  Paging Feature
  Modulation Limiter
RadioShack welcomes you to the next generation of personal communication,
the Family Radio Service (FRS).  FRS is a new license-free, two-way, 
short-range voice radio service that lets families and groups keep in 
touch with each other on specific reserved channels.
Your RadioShack Personal Two-Way Radio is a lightweight, palm-sized radio 
that you can carry almost anywhere and use to talk with another person who 
has an FRS radio set to the same frequency as your radio.
Your radio has auto-squelch, which means you will not hear anything on a 
channel unless someone is transmitting nearby on the same channel.  You 
can use the radio's MON (monitor) key to temporarily turn off auto-squelch 
and hear weaker, distant transmissions.
The built-in modulation limiter circuit automatically adjusts the radio 
for a wide variety of voice levels to ensure a clear transmission.


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