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Paiste PST7 Universal Cymbal Set - FREE 16" Crash


Paiste PST7 Universal Cymbal Set - FREE 16" Crash

$ 449.99 $ 746.00

Great Cymbals for All Styles!
If you crave bright, airy cymbals with loads of warmth, clarity, and definition, the Paiste PST7 Universal cymbal set will make you smile ear to ear. Providing you with a bright yet warm-sounding set of 14" hi-hats, a distinct, even-feeling 20" ride, and a brilliant, responsive 18" crash, this versatile set of PST7 cymbals yields a traditional tone that's suitable for a vast range of musical styles and applications. And if that wasn't enough, this set also gives you a 16" crash for FREE! The Paiste PST7 Universal cymbal set makes a worthy companion to any of the kits in Sweetwater's massive inventory of drums.

Paiste PST7 Universal Cymbal Set Features at a Glance:
CuSn8 bronze cymbal set with bright, deep, energetic tone
Includes 14" hi-hats, 18" crash, 20" ride, and FREE 16" crash
Hi-hats produce a bright yet warm, dynamic open sound with a clear chick
Crashes deliver a brilliant, clean sound with giving, responsive feel
Ride provides a distinct, slightly silvery sound with an even, controlled feel and defined ping
Works well at any volume for a wide range of musical styles
Add power and musicality to your drum kit with the PST7 Universal cymbal set from Paiste!

Tech Specs
Series PST 7 Universal
Ride 20" Ride
Crash 1 16" Crash
Crash 2 18" Crash
Hi Hats 14" Hi-hats

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