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Paiste 2002 China Cymbal 16" 1062616

Paiste 2002 China Cymbal 16" 1062616

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This Cymbal Is On Display In Our Showroom. Please take a look at the included pictures.

The first cymbal series fully developed for use in amplified music.

The Paiste 2002 China Cymbal is an exotic, powerful cymbal with a traditionally shaped bell. Sound is bright and trashy with great projection. Medium to loud volume with a fairly pingy stick sound. Nice sound variety when played in different areas of the cymbal, always produces a complex mix.

Made with CuSn8 bronze for a bright, warm, and energetic tone. Great for live and studio gigs requiring high energy and the utmost in precision and musicality. Heavier models have been added to round out the original classic series by providing increased volume

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