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Chick Corea Three Quartets Vinyl LP


Chick Corea Three Quartets Vinyl LP

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. This 1981 album by prolific jazz and fusion artist Chick Corea is one of his most enduring titles, full of passionate interplay between saxophonist Michael Brecker, bassist Eddie Gómez and drummer Steve Gadd. Though the pianist's arrangements are fully modern jazz, Corea was initially inspired by classical compositions for string quartets when writing the suite. "Quartet No. 1" uses a one-chord (G altered) solo vamp over a rock beat in 3/4, and a repeated theme that uses stacked fourths. The second track, "Quartet No. 2 (Part I)" is a ballad, dedicated to jazz pioneer Duke Ellington, incorporating many of the Western classical harmonies and tensions that Ellington used in much of his playing. "Quartet No. 2 (Part II)" is dedicated to jazz saxophone legend John Coltrane.

- Disc 1 -
1 Quartet No.1 Chick Corea 10:15
2 Quartets No.3 & 2 Chick Corea 9:41
- Disc 2 -
1 Quartet No.2, Part 1 Chick Corea 7:09
2 Part 2 Chick Corea 12:02

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