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Boss TU-1000 Stage Tuner


Boss TU-1000 Stage Tuner

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This Item is On Display in Our Showroom. The item has Scatches on it. Please take a look at the included pictures. AC adapter included. No Box or Manual.

The Flagship Boss Tuner!
The Boss TU-1000 is the new flagship of the Boss's famous TU-series of tuners. This rockstar-worthy stage tuner features a large, high-intensity LED meter, giving you crisp visibility - on dark stages and outside in bright light. What's more, you can use its needle-type Cent mode or its light-motion Stream mode, to tune up the way you like. When you turn the TU-1000 on, it can automatically mute your signal, so can tune up silently. You'll also be ready to handle open tunings, alternate tunings, and dropped tunings with your Boss TU-1000.

Boss TU-1000 Stage Tuner at a Glance:

Boss's new Flagship Tuner
Two display modes - Cent mode and Stream mode
Handles open tunings, DADGAD, alternate tunings, and dropped tunings
Simply a Rock-solid TU Tuner from BOSS
Boss's new Flagship Tuner
The Boss TU-1000 tops their famous TU-series of tuners, putting high-level tuning within reach for everyone. This stage tuner is built tough - as you'd expect from Boss - and features a high-visibility display, so you can see your tuning accurately whether you're in dim stage lighting or playing a sunny outdoor festival. The TU-1000 auto-mutes the output signal when you engage it, so you can tune up without outputting sound - but you can change that, if you want to. You can also pair the TU-1000 with an optional footswitch to remotely turn the tuner on and off.

Two display modes - Cent mode and Streaming mode
On the Boss TU-1000 there are two different tuning display modes. You can tune up with the familiar Cent mode - which resembles a needle-type meter - or Stream mode. Stream mode uses a fluid light-motion sensor, which alerts you when you're out of tune and when you're approaching perfect tuning.

Handles open tunings, DADGAD, alternate tunings, and dropped tunings
Don't play in standard? No problem. The Boss TU-1000 can handle open tunings, DADGAD, and plenty of other alternate tunings. It can also handle dropped tunings up to six semitones below standard.

Simply a Rock-solid TU Tuner from BOSS
Boss pedals have achieved legendary status for good reason: not only are they ruggedly built to withstand stomp after stomp, day after day - but they're also purpose-driven tools that deliver the kinds of tones and functions that serious guitarists and bassists need. With Boss's line of TU tuners, you can be sure you have pro-level tuning in your arsenal - whether you're playing a sold-out gig or rocking solo in the basement.

Boss TU-1000 Stage Tuner Features:
Tuning modes: Cent and Stream
High-visibility LED Display
Can handle open tunings, DADGAD, alternate tunings, and dropped tunings
Tuning Range : C0 (16.35 Hz) - C8 (4186 Hz)
Reference Pitch: A4=436-445Hz (1Hz step)
Tuning Accuracy: + or - 1 cent
Power Supply: AC Adapter (Roland PSB-1U)
Current Draw : 350 mA
Dimensions: 16-5/16" W x 6-5/16" D x 2-7/16" H
Weight: 4 lbs. 14 oz.
The Boss TU-1000 is the king of Boss's famous TU tuners!

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