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A8010 Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16


A8010 Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16

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Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16"

The sound of the 1960s recaptured!

The Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal from Zildjian creates a robust body of overtones while cutting easily through with a bright and fast response.

Based on the popular 19" Armand Ride and the inimitable sound of the '60s, Zildjian proudly introduces the Armand cymbal series into the A Zildjian range. During the explosion of rock and pop music of the '60s, the great drummers of groundbreaking bands used A Zildjian cymbals to make their mark. You can hear Zildjian's distinctive sound in the great recordings of that era, from The Beatles to The Beach Boys, from Cream to The Jimi Hendrix Experience, from The Rolling Stones to The Spencer Davis Group. Zildjian has now resurrected that nostalgic cymbal sound with these exciting new Armand cymbal models.

New shaping techniques create a slightly lower profile than A Zildjian cymbals and help to offer a special warm and smooth blend of overtones. Lighter weight specifications promote a fast cymbal response with special lower-pitched overtones without the loss of projection potential.

Zildjian left these babies without any protective coating to help promote the aged look and patina that cymbals from the '60.This Cymbal is on display in the showroom.

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