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Drum Instructional Books

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Drum Instructional Books and DVDs

Modern Drummer Master Studies 2

Exercises for the development of control and technique book 2.



Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone

An advanced book of drum rhythms arranged in calisthenic form to develop stick control in rudimental, symphonic, and modern jazz drumming. Includes special exercises for speed, power, precision, delicacy, and the development of the weak hand.



Essential Elements 2000 Plus DVD

Comprehensive Band Method for Drums. Includes a Play-Along CD and DVD with all 185 Tracks.



Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

Voted second on Modern Drummer's list of 25 Greatest Drum Books in 1993, Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is one of the most versatile and practical works ever written for drums. Created exclusively to address syncopation, it has earned its place as a standard tool for teaching beginning drummers syncopation and strengthening reading skills.



Accents and Rebounds for the Snare Drum

By George L. Stone. Helps you improve your dexterity and stick control on the snare drum.



Latin Soloing for Drumset with CD

Learn to decode the phrasing of African-descent music with RTS - a unique system of shifting between cut time and 6/8! Stretch your playing abilities with complex and stylistically challenging rhythms.



Drum Method - For Band and Orchestra Book One

This best-selling instruction book was developed to meet the needs of the young student aspiring to become a drummer in the school band or orchestra. Book 1 spans 52 lessons and includes: rudiments � study of various time figures found in every day playing � care and maintenance of drums � and more.


Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation Of Snare Drum Rudiments

When Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments was first published in 1942 it became an instant classic: the world-class drum method from the world's greatest drummer. Written by Rich and his distinguished collaborator Henry Adler, the book has been virtually the drummer's bible ever since.



Realistic Rock For Kids By Carmine Appice

This book contains the basics of note reading, holding the sticks, simple hand/foot coordination exercises and more. Learn rock drum fills, grooves and your first drum solo from the legend Carmine Appice, author of the classic & best selling drum method, "Realistic Rock'.



Alfred's Drum Method, Book 1

Alfred's Drum Method, Books 1 and 2 are the ideal teaching tools to help prepare beginning players for all styles of snare drum and percussion performance. Book 1 contains 80 pages of excellent sequential instruction covering rudimental studies, roll studies, contest solos, and bass drum and cymbal technique.



Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer

The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs! Jim Chapin, known as the "Father of Jazz Independence," has written one of the most popular drumset books of all time. This classic work should be in every drummer's library as there is always something new to learn and develop from this masterful book.



MD Classic Tracks: The World's Greatest Drummers Note for Note!

MD Classic Tracks is a learning tool for the contemporary drummer. It contains transcriptions of thirteen tracks (some never before in print!) recorded by some of the most important contemporary drummers in rock and fusion. In these pages, you'll find the exact drum parts recorded on tracks that drummers have been inspired by since their release.


Drum Instructional DVDs

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JoJo Mayer - Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD

Drummers of all ages, skill level, and experience are invited to benefit from the simple yet insightful lessons here. Filmed all around Manhattan, this instructional program is packed with secrets intended for everyone from the novice to the pro.



Steve Smith - Drum Set Technique/History of the U.S. Beat 2-Disc DVD Set DVD Series

Voted Best Drum DVD 2003 by Modern Drummer Magazine! With over four and a half hours of footage, this 2-DVD set is a virtual encyclopedia of drumset techniques, styles and concepts! Drumset Technique



Thomas Lang - Creative Control Book/CD/DVD Pack DVD Series

Thomas Lang presents a completely innovative and inspired practice regime, and system for helping you develop incredible drumset technique, that will forever change your approach to drumming. Lang's awesome speed, control, finesse and unparalleled interdependence will inspire you to hone your drumming chops so that you can play more effectively in any musical context.



Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials DVD

Groove Essentials is based on the definitive collection of contemporary rock, jazz, R&B, funk, and world/ethnic drumming styles contained in the poster of the same name, developed by world-class drummer, teacher and author Tommy Igoe and Vic Firth drum sticks. On this DVD, Tommy demonstrates 47 of today's most popular drum patterns, including a performance of each with a rhythm track played by some of New York's top players.



Steve Gadd American Drummers Achievement Awards DVD

In recognition of Steve Gadd's incredible impact on the art of drumming and music, Zildjian presented Steve with an American Drummers Achievement Award (ADAA) at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, MA on September 13, 2003. This once-in-a-lifetime event was hosted by Mr. Bill Cosby and featured an all-star band that included Vinnie Colaiuta and Rick Marotta.



Rush Licks Play-Along DVD

Learn the trademark drum grooves and fills of Neil Peart, one of the most influential rock drummers of all time, and a major force behind the distinctive sound of Rush. Jamie Borden provides in-depth analysis of 8 Rush hits: Freewill, Limelight, New World Man, Red Barchetta, Spirit of Radio, Subdivisions, Tom Sawyer and YYZ. The tracks provided are not "drumless". Running time approx. 1 hour, 52 min.



Buddy Rich - At the Top DVD

This concert was recorded at The Top of the Plaza in Rochester, NY on February 6, 1973 and remanins one of the most sought after and influential shows ever recorded by Buddy. Special Feature includes three incredible bonus clips.


Guitar Instructional Books

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Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Grade 1

The world's premier method for learning modern plectrum style guitar, time-tested and proven successful in building the theoretic and technical foundation needed to play in any style. All seven grades of this method are written in standard notation only to encourage better sight reading. In Grade 1, the student guitarist will learn to play solos, duets, scales, and chords in the keys of C, A minor, G and E minor. Even in Grade 1, the student is already exposed to the chord/melody concept of guitar performance.



Mel Bay Easy Way to Guitar A

Easy Way to Guitar is a popular, easy to understand children's course designed to give the student a thorough grounding in note reading and solo performance. Chord playing is introduced gradually, utilizing simplified chords. Creative graphics, color, and short pieces in big-note format make this an appealing series for the young guitar student. A few easy duets are included in each book for performance with a teacher or a friend. Standard notation only.



Mel Bay Guitar Chords

This book is considered to be the largest selling basic guitar chord book ever published! Twelve basic guitar chord types are shown in three ways: photograph, notation, and chord diagram. In addition, a special bonus section is contained showing in photo and diagram the essential moveable rhythm guitar chord forms.



Standard Guitar Method - Book 1

A basic guitar course for class or individual instruction.



Guitar for the Small Fry

This basic guitar method for the very young student contains large notes and text for reading, cartooned notes to attract the child's attention, functional lyrics to make memorizing fast, and music theory and writing to reinforce the learning process.



Bebop Licks for Guitar: A Dictionary of Melodic Ideas for Improvisation

Written for the musician who is interested in acquiring a firm foundation for playing jazz, this unique book/CD pack examines the phrases of the masters! Over 800 licks are provided in the styles of Tal Farlow, Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Johnny Smith, and other jazz guitar greats!



Country Licks for Guitar

This unique package examines the lead guitar licks of the masters of country guitar, such as Chet Atkins, Jimmy Bryant, James Burton, Albert Lee, Scotty Moore and many others! The accompanying CD includes demonstrations of each lick at normal and slow speeds.




Introduces you to the fundamentals of guitar playing and teaches you how to read music. Covers the basic elements of music theory. Teaches you how to play melodies and arrangements of many well-known songs. Includes a CD & DVD matching all the lessons in the book and also has a full size, colored guitar chord poster containing dozens of chords in all keys.



Progressive Guitar Chords: For Beginner To Advanced Guitarists

Progressive Guitar Chords has been specifically designed for players of three different levels: The Beginner, featuring open chord sections, the simplest and most widely used chord shapes in all keys. The Semi Advanced Player, who will need a thorough knowlwdge of Bar Chords shapes in all positions, particularly useful to Rock guitarists. And last, the Advanced Player, who will refer to the moveable shapes for chords widely used by Jazz guitarists. Comes with a CD & DVD.



Mel Bay Jazz Guitar Method

One of the easiest and most practical approaches to jazz guitar on the market today, this method thoroughly covers the basics for jazz guitar solo performance, including: theory, scales, chords, phrasing, passing tones, and much more. This highly acclaimed study of jazz rhythm chords and their application contains extensive instruction on jazz chord accompaniment and chord substitution.


Bass Guitar Instructional Books

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Bass Guitar Instructional Books


Mel Bay's Electric Bass Method, Vol. 1

Drummers of all ages, skill level, and experience are invited to benefit from the simple yet insightful lessons here. Filmed all around Manhattan, this instructional program is packed with secrets intended for everyone from the novice to the pro.



Hal Leonard Play Bass Today Beginners Package

The most widely-used introductory bass method available! Both Volumes I and II present a standard notation approach to reading solo and arpeggio studies for four string bass. Included in Volume I are the rudiments of playing, plus handy charts of arpeggios featuring major, minor, augmented, diminished, and seventh chords, plus upper harmonic extensions. Applicable to any style of music, this method has gained acceptance as the foundational text for electric bass study world-wide.



Slap Bass Lines

Learn the art of creating a solid slap bass groove. Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned bassist, this workshop will teach you many of the slap bass lines and styles found in your favorite rock, funk and jazz tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own creations. Includes helpful exercises, strategies for locking in with the drummer, tips for reading chord symbols, standard notation and tab, a list of suggested recordings to check out, and an accompanying CD with play-along tracks.