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Zildjian Planet Z 3-piece Cymbal Set -14", 16", 20" set


Zildjian Planet Z 3-piece Cymbal Set -14", 16", 20" set

$ 199.99 $ 328.00

Welcome to the Zildjian Family!
For drummers looking to make their entrance to the Zildjian family, Planet Z is the place to start the journey. Crafted in the USA from an exclusive nickel-silver alloy, Planet Z is a sonically superior cymbal in its price category and is truly worthy of bearing the Zildjian name. No matter what style you play, Planet Z is an easy and affordable way to complete your sound. This set includes a pair of 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash, and a 20" ride — plus a free pair of Zildjian 5A wood tip hickory drumsticks!

US-made quality and sound design
Zildjian Planet Z cymbals carry on the Zildjian tradition of intelligent metallurgy that produces superior tonality within all Zildjian cymbal price ranges. The nickel-silver alloy used to make Planet Z cymbals is a proprietary formula that will ring true with Sweetwater customers who are ready to join the Zildjian family. The 20" Planet Z ride provides clean stick definition with focused foundational tones, and the 16" crash responds with a pronounced punch that is lively, versatile, and will cut through to accent the beat when you need it most. The 14" Planet Z hi-hats give back a crisp report that won't get lost in the mix.

Great hickory drumsticks to fit your playing style!
The Zildjian 5A Wood Tip Hickory drumsticks are quality sticks, great for a variety of styles and genres, with a natural finish and wood tips. These sticks include acorn-shaped wood tips for full tone. Zildjian 5A hickory drumsticks are crafted to the same exacting standards as the company's legendary cymbals and manufactured for consistency (they're guaranteed 100% straight) — so you know you're getting top performance every time you pick up a pair.

Zildjian Planet Z 3-piece Cymbal Set Features:
14" hi-hats with crisp tonality and great definition
16" crash punches through with a full, explosive report to accent the beat
20" ride has focused underlying tones and speaks up with clean stick definition
Pair of Zildjian 5A wood tip hickory drumsticks included as a bonus
Tech Specs
Series: Planet Z 3-piece Set
Ride: PLZ20R 20" Ride
Crash 1 : PLZ16C 16" Crash
Hi Hats: PLZ14PR 14" Hi-hats
Material: Nickel-silver alloy
Manufacturer Part Number: PLZ4PK

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